SkyDrive 100 Men’s Cricket Shoes

You work hard to perfect your game. Let the Skydrive 100 rubber cleats help, a low profile running style design gives superior comfort by its multilayered side mesh. The side mesh design not only makes it breathable but also help it reduce the overall weight. Plus the protection helps your forefoot covered so you go all out during practice or enhance your game.

  •  Perforated Toe Box Synthetic leather for extra comfort and movement.
  •   Lightweight mesh panel with superior ventilation.
  •   Dual tone Midsole with slim profile.
  •   360° Cushioning around your ankle.
  •   DURATURF rubber sole is a combination of rubber densities which enhance its abrasive strength and retain flexibility.
  •   Lace-up closure with reinforced top eyelet.
  •   POLY-U Durable long lasting cushioned Insock conforms to yours foot exact shape delivering multiple advantages at once: energy return, impact protection & adaptive support for your every move.
  •   Weight: 680gm ± 50gm
  •  Heel Drop: 8mm


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