Jazba Sports was formed in 2019 October by the founders BSK and Jasmine. It was established to market their brands in the US. To some this may seem a saturated market however if you are able to identify the correct niche and create the right product to cater to the demands of this niche, the mature US market has immense growth potential due to its high buying power. 

The founders are both designers who have 20+ years of experience Creating product in various categories essentially for export to the US and European market. This years of experience of understanding consumers behavioral patterns, markets and predicting trends is the foundation of Jazba Sports. In the past we have successfully run our OEM business in China which started from One room and went on to employ more than 400 employees in its own production unit and marketing and development office in Xiamen, China. Over the years the product developed and sold to multiple sports brands gave us an insight into this segment. 

We successfully launched our own brands Jazba A performance sports brand and Uniqers a casual sneaker brand in 2016. However we lost both these brands due to a business dispute with the Chinese business partner in December 2019. The fraud and embezzlement were a turning point for us. In a company that we had created with our own sweat, toil and hard work to reach a 20 million USD turnover was snatched along with all its IP assets molds, designs and copyrights. It was a shock but when the going gets tough the tough get going. 

And so at the start of 2020 just when the pandemic was spreading from China to the rest of the world we started a new company Xiamen Turnmile design and the goodwill plus past success stories lead to Xiamen Turnmile being successful within the short two years of its inception due to the support of the vendor base in China and the buyer base outside. We restarted the OEM business to survive however our core expertise of creating product and marketing led to forming our own brands Set & Done and SOLM8 which we marketed exclusively in the USA under our company Jazba Sports. The positive acceptance of these brands in their initial year led us to travel to USA to further expand and grow them.