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Continuing the legacy of determination- evolution from Jazba to Solm8 

If you’ve ever had to sacrifice and persevere then you understood what this brand was all about. There was a passion that was often driven by the sense of self fulfilment and Purpose, a purpose that was fueled by true desire and an understanding of where you’re coming from and where you aim to be.

Jazba was a brand that was inspired by true life experiences of the founder BSK, and also the lives of several hardworking and dedicated sportspeople, who have experienced the true feeling of immeasurable fulfillment that is not essentially driven by results , but by dedication and self-belief.

Unfortunately the Footwear brand Jazba is no longer there today due to a business dispute but the company Jazba Sports, the founders behind it BSK and Jasmine have not given up.

We and our team firmly believe Jazba is a feeling, a passion, a push, a determination, a will, a character, a belief, a feeling, an attitude and the courage to persevere and not give up. So Jazba lives on...... as SOLM8 now.

Our Inspiration.......our team, friends and business associates. When one door closes, another opens. The start of #SOLM8
What we do now
Jazba Sports in California, USA 


At SOLM8, we understand that cricket is not just a sport, it's a way of life. That's why its our mission to design footwear that not only performs, but also captures the fun, excitement, and memories on field.

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Set & Done

Designed and conceived in California, Set & Done is a new generation of organization and lifestyle products built with intention and purpose, to add comfort, ease and cool new trending looks to your wardrobe or life space.

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Square Heads

Square Heads- boardgames that are a refreshing break from technology in a digital age dominated by screens. Let's relive our past or encourage our future gen to engage stay happy even offline when disconnected from the WIFI, such an unheard task, right?

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